The Kuwait Association of Rheumatology (KAR) was established in 1995 by Dr. Khalid Al-Jarallah, Dr. Khalid Al-Saeed and Dr. Adel Al-Awadhi. It has been renewed several times since then and has been chaired by different rheumatologists.

KAR currently represents 27 qualified adult and paediatric rheumatologists in Kuwait, the vast majority being trained in North America and a few from UK and Saudi Arabia. In addition, there is a number of rheumatologists in training abroad to cover the increasing demand of such specialty.

KAR mainly aims at improving the standard of care provided to rheumatology patients in Kuwait as well as raising the bar for KAR among other regional and international rheumatology societies in The World. Since the creation of KAR, many goals and achievements have been established.

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