KAR  Rheumatology Research Committee is committed to promoting and facilitating high quality research in the field of rheumatology in Kuwait.


1- Building a Research Network

  • The committee actively seeks collaboration with rheumatologists, researchers, national, regional, and international academic institutions to create and maintain a celebrative network of professionals.
  • The committee connects researchers from various national and international medical associations & academies with KAR members.
  • The committee seeks to recruit medical students, residents, and fellows in training with interest in rheumatology and clinical research and facilitates collaborations with KAR members in different Hospitals in Kuwait.

2- Research Grant allocation and Funding Support

  • The Research committee oversees the allocation of research grants and funding. A thorough and transparent evaluation of the grant applications is conducted within the committee, prioriting research projects based on their significance and potential impact and issues recommendations for funding decisions, made by KAR administrative board, to support valuable research endeavors within society.

  • The committee guides the research for funding opportunities from government, non-profit organizations, and pharmaceutical companies as well as from KAR.

3- Research Education and Training

  • The committee seeks to organize and collaborate in workshops, seminars, and webinars to enhance the research skills and knowledge of rheumatologists.

4- Patient Engagement and Advocacy

  • Patients with Rheumatological conditions are an invaluable partner in the advancement of research in the field of rheumatology. The committee believes in engaging patient advocate groups and representatives in various aspects of research areas ensuring research questions are patient-centered addressing the unmet needs of those living with rheumatic diseases.

5- Guidelines Development

  • The committee is responsible for the revision and development ofKuwait guidelines and recommendations of varies rheumatic diseases

Current Committee Members


Dr. Anwar Albasri

  • BMBCh, FRCPC in Internal medicine and rheumatology 

  • Specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology in AlSabah Hospital


  • Dr. Mohamed Khudadah 
  • Dr. Wesam Gouda 
  • Dr. Fatmah Baroon

The research committee core objective is to advocate for research in the field of rheumatology, the committee has rigorous criteria concerning the acceptance of applications, allocation of funding, granting access to data from registries of rheumatic diseases in Kuwait, and efficient resource management that are structured, transparent, and ensuring an ethical approach.

Initial screening

The committee conducts an initial review of applications to ensure they meet basic eligibility criteria and ethical approval granted by the respective authorities. Applicants must ensure the completeness of the application.

Application form

Please find and fill the e-application below.

Applicants need to specify if application is for:

  1. Full Grant (full funding, registry data access, resource allocation including medical writer and statistician)
  2. Partial Grant:
    1. Full funding only. (no need for access to registry data)
    2. Access to registry data only. (no need for funding, no need for medical writer)
    3. Medical writer and statistician (no need for access to registry data, no need for Funding)
    4. Article processing charges (APCs)

Review Panel Meetings

All applications will be reviewed on regular bases. Applicants should expect a response in a period of 21 days form the time of submission.

Review process: (declaration)

The committee has a transparent Scoring and Feedback System. A scoring system for evaluation is utilized, ensuring each application is judged fairly. The committee reserve the right to provide detailed feedback to unsuccessful applicants, offering insights that could strengthen future applications.

Post-Award Monitoring and Support:

Once an application is accepted, regular check-ins and progress reports should be required. The committee can offer support to researchers.

Ethical Considerations

The committee will ensure that proposed research adheres to ethical guidelines and standards.

If ethical concerns arise during the review, the committee may request further clarification or modifications.

Journal specialized in Rheumatology in descending order according to 2023 ranking WEB OF SCIENCE and SCOPUS INDEXED
  1. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 
  2. Lancet Rheumatology, 
  3. RMD Open 
  4. Arthritis Research and Therapy 
  5. Biologics: Targets and Therapy 
  6. Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease 
  7. Lupus Science and Medicine 
  8. Rheumatology Advances in Practice 
  9. Pediatric Rheumatology 
  10. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
  11. Advances in Rheumatology 
  12. Open Access Rheumatology: Research and Reviews 
  13. Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders 
  14. International Journal of Rheumatology 
  15. Reumatismo 
  16. Archives of Rheumatology
  17. Acta Reumatologica Portuguesa 
  18. Egyptian Rheumatologist 
  19. Indian Journal of Rheumatology 
  1. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 
  2. Lancet Rheumatology, 
  3. RMD Open 
  4. Arthritis Research and Therapy 
  5. Rheumatology and Therapy 
  6. ACR Open Rheumatology 
  7. Biologics: Targets and Therapy 
  8. Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease 
  9. Lupus Science and Medicine 
  10. Rheumatology Advances in Practice 
  11. Pediatric Rheumatology 
  12. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 
  13. BMC Rheumatology 
  14. Advances in Rheumatology 
  15. Open Access Rheumatology: Research and Reviews 
  16. Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders 
  17. Journal of Rheumatic Disease
  18. Reumatologia
  19. Mediterranean Journal of Rheumatology 
  20. International Journal of Rheumatology 
  21. Reumatismo
  22. Archives of Rheumatology 
  23. Open Rheumatology Journal 
  24. Acta Reumatologica Portuguesa
  25. Egyptian Rheumatologist
  26. Indian Journal of Rheumatology
  27. Revista Colombiana de Reumatologia 
  28. Sovremennaya Revmatologiya 
  29. Romanian Journal of Rheumatology 
How To apply for Ethical Approval
  1. Applicant to fill out the Ethical approval application form 
  2. The Ethical approval application form to be sign by Head of Department and then Hospital Director. 
  3. This document should be attached to applicant study protocol, informed consent, and privacy form. 
  4. All these papers should be emailed or sent through what’s up to Office of the Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Quality Affairs. Contact information are available on the ethical approval application form. 
  5. Ministry committee will review the applications. Once it is approved, a document will be created by the committee with title “facilitate the task/project”. 
  6. This document will be sent from the ministry to hospital director and then distributed on all hospital department you wanted to be included.